Facing Change

''''Facing Change—What It Means to be a Creator of the Future

Workshop by Jan Phillips
Saturday, May 28, 2022
1 p.m. to 4 p.m.



Evolution has tapped each of us on the shoulder. COVID has brought challenges none of us could avoid. We know things we didn’t know two years ago. We are not the same people we were before the pandemic. The questions we’re facing now are life-determining: Where do I go from here? What am I drawing attention to? What action am I inspiring? What are my ultimate commitments? In what way am I a force for good?

Jan Phillips facilitates a group pondering in this program to spark the imagination and surface our collective wisdom. It is an opportunity to consciously advance ourselves as evolutionary beings, deepening our spirituality and extending our reach as bearers of light and agents of peace. Using music, video, poetry, and storytelling, Jan will connect the dots between our creativity, spirituality, and our call to social justice.

• Clarify the contours of the life that you’re creating

• Feel the joy of your heart and brain working as one

• Open yourself to the support of your community

• Discern the service you’re being called to now

Jan Phillips is the author of eleven award-winning books and has produced three CDs of original music. In addition, she has taught in over 25 countries and has published work in numerous periodicals. 

She is a thought leader who connects spiritual intelligence, evolutionary creativity, and social transformation. Her quest has taken her in and out of a religious convent, across the country on a Honda motorcycle, and worldwide on a one-woman peace pilgrimage. She has performed with Pete Seeger, presented with Jane Goodall, sung to Gladys Knight, and worked for Mother Teresa.

Listen to Jan speak: 


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