Let Go, Let God

40 Days; Let Go, Let God

40 Days: Let Go, Let God

Wednesday Evenings

7 - 8 p.m.

February 14 through March 27

Our Prayer Ministry invites you to join us to "Let Go, Let God."

Lent is the perfect time to release habits that do not serve us so we can experience the glorious transformation of Easter!

We will follow Unity's latest booklet, 40 Days: Let Go, Let God: Lent 2024. It offers inspiration and specific suggestions for releasing whatever keeps you from realizing your spiritual nature.


The booklet identifies qualities to release—anger, anxiety, fear, and more—and explains how to do it. It includes:

•    Daily messages suggesting ways to let go of a particular habit or action.

•    Bible verses and affirmations to help shift your consciousness.

•    Insightful Sunday essays explore the process of letting go and preparing you to welcome the love, power, and wisdom around you.

The Lenten series will include prayer, extended meditation, song, and discussion from the Lenten booklet. Our community room will be prepared for quiet reflection with candles and soft music to create an atmosphere for respite.

Booklets will be provided. 

Registration is not necessary.

Love offerings are welcome.

Terri Brewer will facilitate. Questions or comments, you can reach her at terrimoorebrewer@gmail.com.