Pre-School - Grade 1


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Pre-school - Grade 1 at USC

Unity Spiritual Center offers lessons for children age three through First Grade

Our children engage with a variety of curriculum resources that follow the format of A Living Curriculum. 

The focus of our curriculum creates experiences that:

  • Help children know they are loved just as they are
  • Explore Jesus as a model of love and goodness
  • Help children understand that they, too, have the spiritual potential to act in ways that bring out their best selves

We use Conscious Discipline in our classroom with our children. Conscious Discipline is a long-time leader in integrating classroom management and social/emotional learning. Conscious Discipline offers a way to respond to daily conflict in a way that transforms it into an opportunity for the child to learn critical life skills.

Young children are noticing more about the world around them and their place in it. Full of curiosity and questions, they are developing the capacity to respond in a loving way to others and to take responsibility for their actions.