Spiritual Counseling


Spiritual Counseling at USC Is Based Upon Our Belief That There Is One Presence and One Power, Which Manifests in Our Lives as a Spiritual Principle

We believe that you find your own answers within as you draw upon your indwelling divinity to engage the healing process. 

Our minister is trained to assist you in applying spiritual principles to the concern you have brought to counseling. Spiritual counseling is not professional counseling; it is based on tools and methods for applying spiritual principles to help you clarify and cope with challenging life situations. Guidance is short-term and depends on your willingness to do the work necessary to apply spiritual principles in your life.

Unity Spiritual Center provides spiritual counseling to those individuals who have a relationship with Unity Spiritual Center through attendance at our Sunday services or study in our classes. We do not specify a fee but ask that you consider making a free-will offering to Unity Spiritual Center to support us in providing this service.

Spiritual counseling is not intended to replace traditional counseling.

To make an appointment, please contact our office at 440-835-0400.