Daily Community Prayer Call

As a community, we pray together Monday to Friday at 8 a.m.  The entire community is invited to join us for this prayer call which lasts approximately 10 minutes.  One of our prayer chaplains leads the prayer, and there is no need for you to say anything unless you choose.  

To participate:

Call (267) 807-9500.

When prompted, enter access code 559110#


Current Prayer

January 2022 Prayer "Live Your Dream"

Deep within my heart, my intentions and my faith intertwine to reveal glorious possibilities. Despite any outer appearances of seeming lack or limitation, I remain firm in my faith to live my dreams. My intentions are powerful, and they contribute to a new vision for my life


USC Congregation Visioning Prayer and Affirmation for The Ministerial Search Team

· Here at Unity Spiritual Center, we have experienced different phases throughout our almost 100 years, yet...
· We remain centered in God’s love and empowered in Truth.
· We are One in Spirit.
· Aligned with Source, all things are possible and therefore, our ability to co-create is limitless.
· Centered in this Truth, we embrace the transition to a new Spiritual Leader, with love and faith.
· In the Divinely Ordered realm of manifestation, we open our doors, we welcome our new minister, and widen our circle, as we co-create an inclusive world where minds and hearts are transformed, and hands are connected in raising the global consciousness in love.
· We give thanks, knowing that, in Spirit, this is already accomplished and we are blessed beyond our wildest dreams…and so it is…as we allow it to be…Amen.   

Affirmation for the Search Team
Joyously I AM affirming that the right minister is drawn to our congregation and our congregation is drawn to this right Minister in perfect Dive Order and I am grateful. Amen


Audio Recordings

There are 3 ways to listen to a audio recording of a call.

You can call the playback number at (717) 908-1041, when prompted enter access code 559110#

Recordings are posted on our Community Facebook Page. Please click here to visit or join.

You will also find audio recordings of our recent prayer calls below. The most recent is at the bottom of the list.