Prayer Requests

A Moment for Affirmative Prayer

We relax in the presence of God.

Aligned with Divine One, we are aware of our divinity and oneness with Creator. We also know the people and situations for which we pray are of Divine Mind.

God is all goodness and everywhere present. He is the Loving Father, and I am His child, and I have all His attributes of life, love, truth, and intelligence.

In Him is all health, strength, wisdom, and harmony.

As His child...all these become mine by recognizing the Truth that God is All.

The highest and best is blessing you, your friend, and the situation now and in the days ahead. We are open to God's loving inspiration and accept the stream of well-being constantly pouring from Mother/Father God to Her beloved Children. We love You, God. We trust You, God. We thank You, God. Amen and Amen.

We give you this denial and positive affirmation for your day: Nothing can stop the love of God. God is all good and everywhere present.

Seeing the receiver of your prayer as Divine, please enter your prayer request in the box below.

Please include your name and email if you would like a response from the USC Westlake Prayer Chaplains. Additionally, we will forward your prayer request to Silent Unity. You may find it beneficial to call Silent Unity directly for prayer at (816) 969-2000. 

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