Sunday Shoutout

Sunday Shoutout


We have so many amazing people who serve our church with such love and devotion! We will recognize them during our weekly Sunday Service with a Sunday Shoutout! The recipient(s) will be asked to stand and remain standing for our Unity Blessing. The congregation recites the Unity Blessing: "Friends, We love you. We bless you. We appreciate you. We behold the Christ in you."

There are many opportunities for you to say "yes" to what is yours to do. Please click here to find out more about Sacred Service, our teams, and what they do.

If you would like to recommend someone or a sacred service group, please get in touch with Susan Armstrong at A special shoutout to Susan Armstrong for implementing and leading our Sunday Shoutout campaign!


Sunday, May 19, 2024

Kitchen AngelsOur Sunday Shoutout recognized our Kitchen Angels. These angels do more than make coffee and put on a lovely spread; they bring us together in fellowship each week. The team leader is Mary Jo Allen. Her team includes Bobbie Batie, Nicki Behr, Ted Brewer, Sandra Buescher, Debbie Clark, Kathy Dolesh, Joanne Gehart, Kathy Ginter, Adriana Markov, Pattie Mayher, Tolisa Mize-Horning 14 yrs, Darlene Owings, Sheila Smith-Brewer, and Annette Tabar.
The photo shows the Kitchen Angels’ table at the Sacred Service Fair in April 2024.


Sunday, May 12, 2024

Marketing logoOur Sunday Shoutout recognized the creative, divine minds of our Marketing Team. They bring us all we need to know through their graphic design, photos, productions, the dynamic website - their work is everywhere! Shirley MacFarland is the Team Leader. Her team includes  Susan Armstrong, Terri Brewer, Cindy Christman, Roberta McLaughlin, Michelle Payne, David Schwartz, and Greg Skuderin.





Sunday, May 5, 2024

YFM logoOur Sunday Shoutout was for our Youth and Family Ministry (YFM) teachers and facilitators. These educators provide opportunities for our young people to explore and grow their spirituality. Kimberly Buehner is the YFM Team Leader. Her team includes Niki Behr, Gregory Buehner, Diane DiFrancesco, Mary JoAllen, Sara Jovanoic, Camden Lockner, Brian Lowrey, Kathy Lowrey, Shannon Sabol, and Karen VanHala.

Our YFM program recently began a Wednesday Night Youth Group. Staff and students are arranging a Book Sale to help fund their upcoming YOU/Uniteens retreat in Wisconsin this October. Please help support our youth by donating your used books and shopping on May 19.



Sunday, April 28, 2024

Request a cardOur Sunday Shoutout was to our Correspondence Team for spreading sunshine to our community. These gals meet on the second and fourth Thursdays at 10:30 a.m. to do their part to awaken, strengthen, and foster a deeper sense of unity through personal, handwritten notes. Linda Szulc is the Team Leader. Her team includes Judy Balaschak, Cindy Christman, Jan Franklin, Kathy Ginter, Sandra Liegl, Tolisa Mize-Horning, Sheila Smith-Brewer, and Annette Tabar.

Did you know you can request a card for yourself or someone you know? You'll find our Correspondence Request Form under the Connect tab on our website. 


Sunday, April 21, 2024

Healing CircleOur Sunday Shoutout was to our Healing Circle for their service to our community on the third Sunday of each month following Sunday Service. Vivian Bath is the Team Leader. Her team includes Candice Brown, Rita Enlow, Donna Foote, Roberta McLaughlin. and Mimi Munn.

Everyone is invited to join our Healing Circle for a time of prayer, meditation, sound, and Reiki healing. Love offerings are gratefully accepted.



Sunday, April 14, 2024

Kathy GinterOur first Sunday Shoutout was to Kathy Ginter. We congratulated Kathy Ginter on her retirement and celebrated with her after Sunday Service with a cake. She has been our trusted and devoted bookkeeper for 12 years. We wish her all the Highest and Best in this new chapter of life and adventure!